Hello, I’m Tiffany!

photographer, wifey

& lover of adventure

My journey in photography is a little bittersweet.

I found photography through some memory loss and discovered its capacity to freeze moments in time, to document love in all of its wild and wonderful forms.

And just to give you more of an idea of who I am, here are some fast facts about me!

I grew up in country NSW in a town called Orange. My fiancé Chris and I currently reside in Canberra, but have plans to move back to a country area and have that same lifestyle we grew up with for our own family one day.

We love adventures! Going for hikes, camping and exploring new places. Our favourite adventure so far is getting to see the Northern Lights in Norway.

Movie nights with all the pillows, blankets, pad thai & Lindt choc are my jam. I love watching Pirates of the Caribbean & McLeod's Daughters on repeat. I'm currently working my way through reading the Outlander series & would love to travel to Scotland. (cough... if anyone wants to elope in the Highlands, I'll shoot for free!?)

My favourite thing about photographs is how they can capture feelings, emotions, places and people at a specific moment in our lives. It's like pressing pause... and then you have these beautiful memories saved, that you can hang on your wall and be transported back to that time.

Anu school of Art | Raw Australia | queensland centre for photography
golden memories museum, Millthorpe | gallery @ BCC Belconnen | bombala Railway station